I mean who doesn’t like writing about themselves?! and this page is dedicated to it! 

I’m from a poor area of a rich town, working class and proud of my roots. I had a turbulent and abusive childhood with an alcoholic mother with bad mental health problems and an absent alcoholic father who died when I was 19. I first went into care at the age of 7 and moved just about everywhere and spent a lot of time in psychiatric units. I spent nights on the streets and lived in an a homeless shelter in my late teens. I started a degree in forensic science (fancy I know!) before having a nervous break down and ending back up in psychiatric units. I know.. its all a long story.

I worked hard at getting better and managed to get a job in the social work sector working with looked after children which was a great job. I also began working in mental health education and service development and campaigning to make things better and reduce stigma – whilst I spent time helping change others lives, it gave me the spark I needed to get me mine back and I began to feel how amazing life was again.

This is where we are now.. I’m a student mental health nurse and loving what I do. It’s so incredibly exciting and interesting and no two days are ever the same. I think this is what I was always meant to do and everything in my life in a strange and slightly irritating way has lead me here.

I want to talk/ blog about all of this because it’s whats makes me who I am, shaped my views, my future and I think people find it interesting to listen to. Also I believe it is good to talk and I enjoy it, it helps me to reflect on my life and my career. I hope to spread some knowledge on mental health and looked after children/ care leavers along the way too if I can!

I write under the pseudonym Bea Thomas. 

(And this is a little cartoon me!)