My view on self harm – this morning talk

After a talk on this morning, well this morning on self harm in teens I decided to write a post as it is something I have a fair bit of knowledge on. While I believe talking drugs, unprotected sex and overdosing is self- harm, i want to talk about the type everyone thinks of when they think of self-harm, which is cutting, burning, hair pulling or breaking bones.

I don’t know if many people if any will agree with me, but it is my belief that self-harm is a bit of a reaction to distress. I think of it like when a dog gets distressed they bite themselves or pull out their fur and well i think its a similar reaction, because when a person gets distressed they hurt themselves. Although i know it can happen for loads of reasons sometimes i think its the reason people start to s/h.

Some people including myself have never heard of it when they start, they just do it, like its a natural instinct. Like a dog or any other animal will do. From there it turns into a coping strategy, release or addiction even. This is just my opinion but to me it makes sense.


(originally written in December 2013).


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