My top tips to moving and living abroad

So last September I packed up my life and jumped on a plane to a new life in the UK. Moving away alone was probably the scariest thing I’ve ever done, but also the best! I decided to make some of my top tips to moving and living abroad mainly things I’ve learnt from mistakes!!

My top tips:

  1. Make the use of the post service! If you already have the house or someone to post to I would 100% recommend posting a lot of items. I posted a whole large suitcase for £11 apposed to the £21 it cost to take on the flight. It also meant I didn’t need to drag lots of suit cases through the airport – I had 2 and a hold all and was so difficult as I couldn’t work the trolley! Defiantly couldn’t of taken anymore.
  2. Be prepared! After a long flight going to pick up keys can be stressful.. yes I lost all the key collection forms and which delayed me by half an hour trying to get another set… and yes I found them in my laptop case!! Also think about the time of day you’ll arrive and if outside working hours will you need to spend the night in a hotel?
  3. Get to know the busses!! Funny story now, but on my first night I tried to get a bus except I didn’t understand Firstbus or how I needed exact change or in fact where the bus was going. I was a tad confused and ended up trying to pay by contactless debit card. I think the bus driver pitied me and let me on for free. So I say find out how much busses are and what number you need to get!
  4. Register with a GP asap – there’s nothing worse than being ill or needing medicine and being told you need to wait 3 days until you’re registered.
  5. Go for a walk.. best way to find your surroundings
  6. Make friends! I’ve probably learnt more about the ‘lingo’ and strange things like do I need to dial an area code before a phone number on landline or what a ‘sick line’ is.
  7. You will probably get home sick so personalising your place is important – it’ll make you feel more at home for when times are hard. and there’s nothing wrong with feeling homesick. But…
  8. Don’t go home too soon! Visiting home may seem like the answer but it won’t help in the long run. You need to ride through the home sickness unfortunately. I said I wouldn’t go home for at least 3 months which worked out well as I went home for Christmas. and the homesickness seems to be gone!
  9. Visit places – this is probably something I need to do more of. I had plans to visit all these places, which I am yet to do, but am going to put more effort into. Make the most of living somewhere fun and new.
  10. Make sure you know what to do in emergencies – what numbers to dial, where the local a&e is and the process for emergencies like for example nhs24 is the number to call if you’re not dying basically. Also make a list of numbers like plumber or electrician – just in case something goes wrong at 2am!
  11. Don’t go for the first phone provider you see. I went for the first sim I saw in a supermarket and hold many regrets – I definitely didn’t go for the best company for data and phoning home.
  12. Enjoy it… moving away is daunting, but also so exciting you’ll get to do and see lots of new things. If anyone moving away happens to read this good luck! It’ll feel like you’ve been there forever before you know it.

world hands

If anyone has any extra tips I will happily add them (within reason!).


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  1. MyStoriesWithMusic · March 15

    Good advice 🙂


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