For anyone who doesn’t know me this is one of my favourite programs and I’ve watched it for just about my entire life! But… People also never want to watch it with me because I point out every inaccuracy and there’s just a few… I’m sorry I just can’t help it!! the curse of nursing!

The reason I’m writing about it now though is because last nights episode was largely based around a character ‘David’ who has bipolar. Whilst I know the particular situation wouldn’t happen working in a hospital.. In the grand scheme of things I still found it a good portrayal for bipolar mania. Someone I was talking to about it said that it was “a bit exaggerated” but that’s what mania is! It’s something that’s amazing but dangerous and totally out of control. I think I particularly like it because you got to see things from his point of view at times. Like when he talks to his psychiatrist. To us the viewer that is what he is doing, I admit it seems off but he’s talking to her right? But as it moves on we learn she was never there and what it must feel like to experience someone unreal.. because we were witnessing it too and it felt incredibly real. It’s left on a cliff hanger so lets so how it goes next week…


Hoping this blog post makes a bit of sense outside my brain! Currently coming to you from a unwell and constantly tiered mind! (which reminds me time for bed.. zzzz…)


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