Anorexia Nervosa

I can actually imagine the monster to look like that to me. It’s pretty colours with a floaty look to it, almost beautiful in a way, but the more you look you can’t quite get away from the fact it would be pretty scary to become faced with. I think it represents the beauty people can perceive eating disorders being associated with as it is often associated with models and ballerinas and being an outwardly beautiful person, almost perfect and also the lightness feel from trying to be as light as possible. But you can’t quite get away from the dark side of the imagine and the squid that could just wrap you up.

This is just how I personally view it, as someone who had an eating disorder. I have an understanding of how anorexia can look beautiful when you’re under it’s control and how to be thin is so perfect in that moment. It almost to me represents my experience of  ‘pro ana’.. something kind of pretty that you kind of want but kind of horrifying. anorexia



  1. embear123 · March 13

    I empathize with you. I have had an ED for about half of my life and I’ve almost died twice and I’ve been hospitalized three times for an ED. Please don’t get yourself to the point of hospitalization because I’ve developed so many more mental illnesses because of it! Hang in there xx


    • wonderfullife80 · March 13

      Thank you!
      I have actually been recovered for a long time, but you never forget how you felt at that time. I hope you are doing well at the moment xx


  2. Jeffrey Pillow · March 15

    My wife battled anorexia when she was younger in high school. I remember it like yesterday. Like my wife, I am glad you, too, were able to slip free from its grips. It can have a devastating hold on those it comes after.


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